Hollow Earth or Heaven?

With permission I am going to quote from a book written by my good friend, Michael Rush, “A Remnant Shall Return, A Latter-Day Study of The Restoration of The Lost Ten Tribes”.
“It all goes back to the prophecies regarding the House of Israel in the Latter-days. We know that the entire House of Israel will be restored in the last days. However, most people mistakenly associate the gathering of Israel with missionary work. The 10th Article of Faith states that there will be a portion of Israel that will be gathered, and another portion that will be restored. There is a fundamental difference between the two. The early reformers of the Catholic Church could gather together certain missing truths and doctrines and nail them onto a chapel door, but they could not RESTORE the fullness of the gospel. Men gather, God RESTORES.
With the long awaited ‘restoration’ of the Lost Ten Tribes, we are not talking about any known body of people upon the earth today. There are too many specific prophecies regarding this mighty host for this to be the case. No, somewhere among the Lord’s creations, there exists a large and powerful body of the House of Israel that will dwarf the Houses of Joseph and Judah in population. The scriptures teach that this main body was visited in person by the Savior, that they have their own scriptures, their own prophets and therefore their own church leadership. We are taught that their return will mirror and exceed the wonder and might of the Exodus of Egypt. As the of House of Israel left, so shall they return, upon an incredible highway that transverses the great deep. We are thought that there is no weapon formed by man that will prosper against them. These are the coming Lions of the Lord, the mighty Remnant of Jacob. But where are they now?
In the allegory of the Olive tree, in the book of Jacob, we are taught about the scattering and gathering of the House of Israel. There is a very interesting part of this parable that many overlook. In that parable the Master of the vineyard takes a branch of the House of Israel to the furthest reaches of the vineyard to a place that is described as being the worst place in the vineyard and graphs them there. Curiously, the Master is then described as taking another branch and grafting it yet further away, in an area that is described as being even worse. How is such a thing possible? If you are at the furthest most part of the vineyard, how can you go further still? If you have already grafted a branch into the worst spot in the vineyard, how can another be grated in to a worst place than that? The answer is that there must have been a branch that was taken beyond the confines of the vineyard all together. Beyond the wall is the only way this makes sense. I contest that the reason that we know so little of this mighty group is for this very reason. They have been removed. But the day is soon coming when, in a miraculous fashion, they will return to the astonishment of us all! In that day Kings shall shut their mouths, for that which they had not heard shall they consider.
From 2 Nephi 23: 5-9 we read: They come from a far county, from the END OF HEAVEN, even the Lord, and the weapons of His indignation, to destroy the whole land.”
Those who espouse the “Inner Earth” is that it is a paradise.
The scriptures say the natural branches were taken to a place that is even worse than the worse place of the Vineyard. Just some thoughts. Please read the book of my friend,”A Remnant Shall Return, A Latter-Day Study of The Restoration of The Lost Ten Tribes” by Michael Rush.